Freelance Pixel/Texture Artist, Animater, Designer and Illustrator

Dimboola, Vic, AUS

I am an amateur game developer specialised in Pixelart and World/Scene arrangement/design. I have experience with building and texturing 3D model/enviroments, 2D scenery and 2D/3D animation. I have used many different platoform development tools from Game Engines (Unity, Construct, Game Maker) to Artistic Programmes(Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp) while always searching for a new toolkit to learn.




Indie Game - Random Encounter 

AUS - 2014

Pixel Artist: I was contracted by a peer to develop and produce pixel-art styled assets for a mobile game. This job involved the creation of animated sprites, scenary/foreground assets and backgrounds.



Fireborne Community - Webforum Badges

USA - 2013/14
Pixel Artist: I have an ongoing request by the Fireborne Community (MMORPG) to produce small forum badge graphics for display of achievements.



Friends Wedding - Wedding Invation Graphic

AUS - 2013

Vector Artist: I was approached with a request to develop a simple graphic of the to-be-wed couple in a chibi format. The graphic was made in Illustrator so that it could be upscaled for future use without quality loss.




Federation University (University of Ballarat) 2014

Ballarat 3350, Vic, AUS

Bachelor of IT (Games and Multimedia) (Graduand)




Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Gimp, 3DS Max,

Pixel Art, User Interfac, Design,

Project Management, Animation (2D, 3D),

Unity, Construct 2, RPG Maker, Game Maker



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